Three Common Causes of Pooling Water

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If you’ve noticed puddles of water in your yard that don’t really go away on their own, you have an issue with pooling water. You might be wondering what would cause such an issue and how to fix it. We have years of experience with irrigation and draining, so we can easily help you identify and solve the issue that is causing the pooling.

Three Common Causes of Pooling Water

In the meantime, here are three common causes of pooling water:

  1. Too much debris: If you have piles of plant debris, like leaves, pine needles, or otherwise on the soil, it can be hard for the water to get past the debris to properly dissolve. This is common in areas of a yard with lots of trees or shrubbery. It can be remedied by clearing away the debris.
  2. Tightly packed soil: If your soil is too tightly compacted or dried and cracked, it might be hard for the water to soak through and will result in pooling water instead. This is especially common in dryer patches of the yard or other places you might have compacted soil. It can be remedied with aeration to loosen up the soil.
  3. Poor grading: If your yard is too flat or angled in a way that disrupts the downhill flow of the water, you might experience pooling water. This can be remedied by re-grading your yard, but that is better left to the professionals to allow them to get just the right angle for you.

These are just a few of the most common causes of pooling water. Give us a call if you still need help identifying the cause or solution of your drainage problem.