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Is Your Irrigation System Ready for Winter?

"I first found Ethan after the person I’d found to put in an irrigation system at my home badly botched the job. Ethan came in and fixed the system at a really reasonable price. After we moved, though, we switched to the irrigation company that our contractor had hired to install the irrigation system. I soon realized the service was far below Ethan’s: the prices were higher, and the work was performed by folks who just wanted to check our house off their list. I switched back to Ethan for his responsible service, pride in getting the job done right, and always-fair prices. We couldn’t be happier."

–Max E., Chapel Hill

Here's why you should choose us for irrigation winterization:

We have over 30 years of experience winterizing all types of systems.

We will respond to you promptly.

We will answer all of your questions. 

 30 years of experience winterizing
We will respond to you promptly
answer all of your questions

We Can Help!

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In addition to winterization, we can also overhaul your irrigation system, providing a complete evaluation and inspection. Fill out our contact form now to have us come and winterize your system!

Your backflow preventer for your sprinkler system is expensive, so remember to have it prepared before freeze damage occurs! Freezing temperatures are right around the corner.  We can help you whether you already know how to do it but are short on time, have no idea what is to be expected, or anything in between.

Prepare Your Irrigation System for Winter

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backflow preventer

Many times, a homeowner will turn off one or both valves on the top of the backflow preventer. However, this will not prevent damage. In fact, the walls of the shut-off valves are very thin and will crack before any other damage occurs!

sprinkler systems

Most sprinkler systems have an underground shut-off valve such as this. Many systems have a separate irrigation meter, which can serve as your shut-off mechanism. Either way, we can help you determine how to protect your investment.