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You’ll love the transformation to your home with a well-designed lighting system in place.

If you have ever gone on a cave tour where they take one moment during the excursion to shut off the lights to show you just how dark it can be, you found out just how strange our world would be if it were not for lighting. Although your yard is not anything near as dark as a cave is, it can still be dangerous to walk around without path lighting in place. At Laurdane Associates, we offer a variety of lighting services in the Triangle and Raleigh, North Carolina area, including installation, design, repair, and lighting troubleshooting.


We will take the time to learn what you want to achieve with your lighting so that we can design the creative outdoor lighting that adds beauty and security. A well-designed lighting system can also add value to your home as it creates curb appeal that potential buyers will notice when they drive by in the evening hours.

We understand that having a safe path is one benefit of lighting, but accent lighting can have the added benefit of making your home look wonderful and inviting at night. It can make coming home after dark a comfortable and enjoyable experience, instead of being fearful and disconcerting. We offer low-voltage lighting solutions using LED lighting that won’t adversely affect your power bill so you can enjoy the ambiance and safety without concern it will harm your utility budget. In fact, if you have an older halogen-based lighting system, ask us about upgrading to an eco-friendly system instead.

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If you have questions about lighting for your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We offer installation and repairs, and have maintenance contracts available.

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