Should You Invest in Yard Re-Grading?

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Having a beautiful lawn and landscape goes a long way towards the enjoyment and aesthetic value of a property. Although it may seem as though your existing yard is in good condition, you may have noticed some problems like standing water in specific locations, or wet areas that don’t seem to dry out like the rest of the yard. Knowing what to do in some of these instances can be difficult for the typical homeowner, but one option is yard re-grading.

Should You Invest in Yard Re-Grading?

Here are some indicators that yard re-grading would be a good investment:

  • Pooling Water Around Foundation – If you have pooling water around the foundation of your home or any other structures on the property, yard re-grading might be the best solution. Yard re-grading will reshape the landscape so that water is redirected away from foundations and into safer areas.
  • Tree & Shrub Roots – Does your landscape have lots of tree and shrub roots that affect the aesthetic appearance or create a potentially unsafe area? Yard re-grading can address this issue so that roots no longer pose a threat to the landscape.
  • Utility Damage – If you live in an area where public utilities are utilized, then you know the damage that can be caused when the city has to do major work on the utility lines. If your yard has suffered from such damage, seeking yard re-grading services can help restore your lawn.
  • Mold & Fungus Growth – Mold and fungus growth can be hard to spot, but anytime there is a water drainage concern, this is a possibility. Redirecting water will help alleviate mold and fungus growth in your yard.

At Laurdane Associates, we are experts at designing and installing a variety of standing water solutions, including irrigation systems, French drains, downspout routing, and yard re-grading. If you have questions about this solution for your lawn, contact us today.