How to Solve Your Drainage Issues with French Drains

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If you have a yard that often collects pooling water when it rains and continues on to flood the basement each time, it’s time to find a solution. Sure, you could try the simple tricks like clearing away the thatch or aerating the yard, but these might not be the most effective or long-lasting solutions. A better solution might be investing in and installing a French drain in your yard.

How to Solve Your Drainage Issues with French Drains

Here are a few ways that French drains can help solve your drainage issues:

  • A downwards water chute: French drains are installed inside a trench that is created at a downhill slope. The piping of the French drain then acts as a downhill chute of sorts that will collect the water that pools in your yard and direct it down and away from your yard and home. It could even direct it towards a dry well or the street.
  • Easy water absorption: If you have pooling water or some other drainage issue, it might be because you have poor water absorption in your yard. French drains are placed into wide trenches that are then covered with gravel that allows the water to easily drain into the trench and pipes to be redirected away from the home.
  • No more flooding: When you have drainage issues in your yard, you are all too familiar with flooded yards and basements that might be followed by erosion and water damage. As French drains help to absorb and redirect the water away from your home, you can count on having no more flooding in your yard or basement.

French drains can be very beneficial, but they also require careful planning and placement in your yard. Give us a call if you would like to learn more.