3 Things You Didn’t Know About French Drains

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If you experience water in and around your home in areas that you would prefer not to, then you may be looking for solutions that help create a dry space or relieve some of the wet conditions of your yard. While there are many types of irrigation systems that can help with this, one solution that may be both viable and aesthetically pleasing is a French drain.

3 Things You Didn’t Know About French Drains

Here are three things you may not have known about French drains:

1. They Utilize Gravity – French drains utilize gravity to carry water away from wet areas of a home. Once it is determined the best location for the drain, a trench is dug and covered with rocks, tile, pavers, or bricks. The trench is dug on a slope so that water is redirected to a better location, such as a dry well, the street, or a drainage ditch.

 2. They Solve Multiple Water Issues – One of the benefits of French drains is that they can solve multiple water issues. For example, let’s say you have a spot in your yard that collects standing water every time it rains, but the overflow from this area runs directly into your basement. The proper installation of a French drain can alleviate both problems by reducing the water accumulation in your yard and therefore removing the likelihood of a flooded basement.

 3. They Require Little Maintenance – French drains are ideal for many homeowners because they require little in the way of regular maintenance. You’ll want to clear the drain at least once a year, or any time you notice it may be clogged due to sediment and other soil runoff.

If you’re interested in learning more about French drains, contact us at Laurdane Associates. We can help with the design, installation, and maintenance of French drains so you get the best results for your home.