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We understand the complexity of grading practices and how to achieve the proper slope.

When a home is constructed, part of the process involves preparing the land. The ground beneath the house must be properly graded so it can support the weight of the building. Additionally, the surrounding outdoor space is graded to become the front and back yards. Grading a yard involves creating a mild incline to ensure that rainwater and other forms of precipitation flow away from the home’s foundation. If water seeps beneath the ground and penetrates the foundation, it can cause erosion and other issues.

Yard Re-Grading in Carrboro, North Carolina

Although yard grading is standard practice in the residential construction industry, not all contractors offer the same level of service. Additionally, the soil can shift in response to changing climate conditions, impacting the drainage situation on a property. If you need yard re-grading on your Carrboro, North Carolina property, you can count on our team at Laurdane Associates to take care of this process.

We’re experts in yard grading and yard re-grading, and we can tackle either service on lots of all sizes and shapes. We understand the complexity of grading practices and how to achieve the proper slope to maintain sufficient drainage without creating mountains in your yard.

In addition to yard re-grading, we offer other solutions designed to combat moisture and drainage issues. With over three decades of experience in the industry, we’re confident in our ability to diagnose and resolve any problem that may be plaguing your outdoor space. Contact us to learn more or schedule a consultation to discuss the various services we provide.

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