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You can count on us to take care of a moisture problem with effective and long-lasting standing water solutions.

When water accumulates on your property, it can create a number of concerning issues. Both residential and commercial properties rely on drainage systems to funnel and transport water to a designated location. But in some cases, the drainage system fails or can’t keep up with an increasing volume of water.

Standing Water Solutions in Carrboro, North Carolina

If you notice puddles forming on your Carrboro, North Carolina property, contact us at Laurdane Associates to troubleshoot and resolve this problem. We highly recommend reaching out to us at the first sign of standing water, as simply ignoring the problem can lead to more serious issues, such as foundation erosion and indoor moisture damage.

As a leading local provider of standing water solutions, we’re confident that we can resolve any drainage concern. One of the standing water solutions we offer to local property owners is the installation of a drainage system. If a property didn’t have a functional drainage system installed during the construction process, moisture accumulation will continue to be a problem.

We can also repair existing drainage systems with components that may not be working properly. For more extensive standing water problems, we can install French drains, which absorb sub-surface water to prevent the moisture from pooling.

Regardless of the complexity of your moisture problem, you can count on us to take care of it with effective and long-lasting standing water solutions. We’ll make sure all water is diverted safely and effectively, preventing indoor and outdoor moisture concerns from wreaking havoc on your home and property.

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