Lawn Sprinklers: 3 Tips for Better Maintenance

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Having a lawn sprinkler system can offer numerous advantages, including better water management for gardening and a lush yard that feels good underfoot. But when was the last time you did lawn sprinkler maintenance to ensure that all the parts are in good condition?

Lawn Sprinklers: 3 Tips for Better Maintenance

Here are some tips to help keep your lawn sprinklers working their best:

1. Repair Leaky Sprinkler Heads – Not only can a leaky sprinkler head waste water, but it can also lead to a higher water bill. Repairing leaky sprinkler heads right away is an important step in the maintenance of lawn sprinklers each year.

2. Repair Faulty Pipes – If you’ve noticed that your irrigation system isn’t working properly in one or more parts of your yard, then you may have a faulty pipe. Faulty pipes prevent the water from flowing properly to the sprinkler heads and can also cause pooling water in your yard in unwanted places. If you notice a problem with the pipes, you’ll want to call on a professional for water pipe repair or replacement.

3. Winterize the System – One of the most important things you can do for lawn sprinklers is winterize the system to prepare for the colder months of the year. This ensures that your pipes and sprinkler heads are protected against freezing and will also safeguard against residual damage to other parts of your home’s water system.

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