Is Your Night Lighting is Meeting Your Needs?

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The holiday lights have come down, and the dark evenings of winter are still with us. Are you happy with your night lighting? We at Laurdane Associates service, maintain, and upgrade all outdoor landscape lighting. Sometimes, all that is needed are simple adjustments to your existing lights. Make the most out of what you already have! We can suggest additions or modifications. We can also troubleshoot any problems you may have, such as timers, dim lights, misplaced lights, and lights that do not work. I am happy to meet with you to discuss your options with no obligation!

Is Your Night Lighting is Meeting Your Needs?

Does your timer do what you want it to? We can replace your existing timer with a variety of options, including dusk-to-dawn functions, dusk to a predetermined turn-off time, or we can upgrade you to a smart timer so that you have remote control with your cell phone!

Of course, we also design and install new lighting systems.

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