Is Your Irrigation System Ready for Spring?

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Is Your Irrigation System Ready for Spring?We may be in for another unseasonably warm spring. Will your irrigation system be ready?

Do you have an older irrigation system? 15 or 20 years old or more? As the landscape changes and matures, the irrigation system may no longer meet current watering needs. We at Laurdane Associates can provide you a complete and thorough evaluation of what you have, what is salvageable, and what should be replaced. Sometimes, all that is needed is a few sprinklers replaced and moved out of the growing landscape. Is your rain sensor still working properly? Do you not have a rain sensor? Is your drip system a mess? We can identify problems and repairs as necessary, or we can convert your old drip to an overhead sprinkler system.

You may want to upgrade your controller to something more user friendly; we can upgrade your controller to meet your Wi-Fi desires for control from your cell phone.

Do not wait until the growing season starts! Have your system up and running as soon as you need it in the spring.

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Ethan E Shapiro, President