Do You Need Backflow Testing?

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A backflow preventer is a part installed onto your irrigation system that prevents any accidental backflow from your pipes into the public water system. That way, contamination of the public water is more easily avoided. A City of Raleigh Public Utilities Cross Connection Ordinance requires you to have this part installed and regularly tested.

Do You Need Backflow Testing?

Here are a few tips on how to decide if and when you need to schedule backflow testing services:

  • When first installed: Part of the ordinance mentioned above is the requirement that a professional performs backflow testing right when the system is installed. That way, you know right from the beginning whether everything is working properly.
  • Every three years: It is also required that your backflow is tested every three years before July 1st of that year. That way, you won’t have surprise issues that could have otherwise been caught during routine testing.
  • Showing signs of backflow issues: It’s also important to schedule backflow testing if you notice anything that might be pointing to backflow issues. Some signs to watch for include discolored water or water that smells or tastes like sulfur. These signs likely mean that you will need a repair.

Don’t run into issues with the city ordinances when it comes to backflow testing. We are certified professionals with over 30 years of experience with anything related to irrigation. We can help you out and keep your irrigation system working safely and smoothly with backflow preventer installation, testing, repairs, or other services you may need. Give us a call if you would like to learn more.