5 Design Elements of a Home Irrigation System

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If you’re thinking about installing a new home irrigation system to help maintain a healthier lawn, you may be wondering what exactly goes into the installation of one of these systems. Here are the five most important design elements that you’ll need to achieve a great home irrigation solution.

5 Design Elements of a Home Irrigation System

1. Map Your Yard – The first thing you’ll want to do is use graph paper to map your yard, so you know exactly how much ground you need to cover with your irrigation system. You’ll also want to use this map when it’s time to decide where your sprinkler head will be installed.

2. Check the Water Supply – Another important step with home irrigation installation is checking that the water supply is sufficient. More specifically, will the water pressure support your typical daily usage and the irrigation system once it is running?

3. Create Zones for Your Yard – Once you have a map of your yard, you’ll create hydro-zones. This is especially important because you want different areas of your lawn to receive the appropriate amount of water based on multiple factors, like sunlight and shade, location of plants or trees, and soil type.

4. Pick Sprinkler Head Locations – Did you know there are several different types of sprinkler heads to choose from for home irrigation systems? You’ll need to decide which type you want to use, whether it’s a rotating type, drip irrigation, bubble or specialty patterns, or a fixed spray.

5. Pipe Layout – One of the final steps will be determining the layout of the pipes for the irrigation system and the placement of the sprinkler heads. It will be important to put this design on paper before beginning any digging.

If all of that sounds overwhelming, give us a call at Laurdane Associates. We can walk you through all of the options for your home irrigation system, provide complete installation services, and offer servicing and repairs as needed. Contact us today!