Signs that You Need Lawn Sprinkler Repair

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At Laurdane Associates, we have extensive experience in the irrigation industry, and we have installed, repaired, and worked on countless sprinkler systems. If your sprinklers are acting up, you can turn to us to get the effective, reliable repair services that you need. In this article, we will go over a few signs that you need lawn sprinkler repair—if you notice any of these things happening to your system or yard, simply reach out to us today.

Signs that You Need Lawn Sprinkler Repair

•  Soggy Grass or Wet Driveways- One sign that you probably need lawn sprinkler repair services is excessive moisture coming from your system. When your sprinklers leak, you will likely see patches of your lawn becoming soggy or muddy. In addition, you may see water spreading over your driveway or other paved areas—this happens when the soil becomes so saturated that it can’t hold any more water, and the water then spreads out wherever it can go.

•  Mushroom Growth- Whenever your lawn gets soaked with a lot of water, that water will hydrate mushroom spores in your soil and cause mushrooms to sprout. While spotting the occasional mushroom after a heavy rain is nothing to worry about, if there are lots of mushrooms on your lawn or you see them popping up all the time, it’s possible that they may be getting moisture from a leak in your sprinkler system. If you notice this happening, we encourage you to call us to get the lawn sprinkler repairs that you need.

•  High Water Bills- A third sign that you need lawn sprinkler repairs is a sudden or unexplained increase in your water bills. This spike in your bills could be caused by a leak in your sprinkler system that is wasting water without your knowledge.