How to Reduce Light Pollution from Outdoor Accent Lighting

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There is no argument that having outdoor lighting can be ideal for both safety purposes and aesthetic appeal. Accent lighting can not only provide guidance when it gets dark outside, but it also features important aspects of the yard that are meant to stand out or have special significance.

How to Reduce Light Pollution from Outdoor Accent Lighting

One of the things you’ll want to avoid with accent lighting is light pollution, which can detract from the overall affect and look out of place. If you’re looking for some tips to reduce light pollution, you’ll find these tips helpful:

  • Aim Carefully – It might sound simple, but the placement of the lighting fixture is one part, and aiming the light is another. If you’ve installed accent lighting during the day, you will want to check the aim of the lights at night to make sure they are truly pointed at the places you want.
  • Reduce Bulb Wattage – The brighter the light, the harder it can be on the eyes. Low-wattage bulbs not only provide adequate lighting at night, but they may also save you money in the long run.
  • Time the Lights – There’s no reason to run night-time accent lighting all day long! Control your accent lighting with timers and/or motion sensors. This can also be especially helpful for large yards by grouping sections of the lawn into lighting zones, so timers or motion activation can be used for each zone as needed.
  • Use Fixtures with Shields – Rather than installing exposed bulbs for accent lighting, use fixtures that have reflectors or shields so the lighting is concentrated in the areas you need it most. This will also help protect light bulbs during inclement weather.

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