Help! I’ve Found Wet Spots in the Lawn. What Do I Do?

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If you are finding repeated wet spots in your lawn from one to several days after a rain occurrence, you most likely have a drainage problem. These wet spots in the lawn can lead to damaged landscaping, moisture in your crawlspace or basement, and issues with your foundation. There are a few solutions to this problem.

  • Downspout Routing. Routing water away from your downspout is very important. Downspouts from your roof should not empty at or close to your foundation. With or without a foundation drain, the excessive water from a moderate rainfall may overload your foundation drain. A foundation drain, much like a French drain (the same concept in fact), is designed to remove slow moving, sub-surface water.
  • Yard Regrading. If your yard is sloped toward your home, yard regrading may be needed to change the slope and direct water away from your home. We can fill in small depressions as well so that water will not pool in your grass anymore.
  • French Drain Installation. French drains are one of the most effective home drainage systems for sub-surface water accumulation. A properly installed French drain will divert excess water away from your home. It will also prevent water from accumulating and saturating your soil to the point it may destroy your landscaping by causing plant roots to rot.
  • Other Drainage Systems. We can create drainage systems that will direct water to a more suitable place, like the municipal drainage system, ensuring that water has a place to go instead of accumulating in your lawn.

If you find wet spots in the lawn, contact us at Laurdane Associates. We can schedule a consultation to assess the issue and investigate your property’s needs. We are here to answer any questions you have, and we will create an effective solution to address your issues and prevent future damage to your yard and your home.